How to Join

As a prospective member, you must:

  • Be a resident of Cape Coral or its environs and own and operate a boat with overnight cruising facilities. 
  • Be sponsored by two active members of the club. The Membership Chairman may assign sponsors.
  • Pay the required non-refundable application/initiation fee of $50.
  • Attend one business meeting and one social function accompanied by a sponsor. During this pre-membership period, you are not permitted to attend Hidden Island picnics in your own boat.
  • Participate in a scheduled overnight cruise with the club. This shakedown cruise will be taken in your own boat, and you will be the sole operator of your boat while on this cruise. You may invite members of your family/or your sponsors as guests.

Upon completion of the above-listed requirements, the Board of Governors will vote on your becoming a member in accordance with article 4, section 6, of the constitution of the Cape Coral Cruise Club. If elected to membership by the Board of Governors, you will pay the current year’s dues of $180 (prorated after September 1st)  plus a $20 donation is requested to maintain the Club’s pontoon boat. An additional $400 assessment per year, for a period of 5 years ($2,000), is required by all new members to help finance the purchase and outfitting of Hidden Island.  

Finally, as a new member, you will enter a 6-month period of orientation during which time you will not invite non-members (except family) to club functions, nor will you sponsor a candidate for membership. At the end of the orientation period, your participation and performance will be reviewed by the Board of Governors, and upon approval, you will become a full active member. However, if during this orientation period you choose to withdraw, application dues and assessment paid for the year will not be refunded. If you are dropped from the club, your dues and assessments will be refunded on a prorated basis.              

Membership Chairman: Phil Kryger – (239)-541-0236