Club History

Cape Coral Cruise Club History – Abbreviated version

1963 – Nine Cape Coral couples founded the original Cape Coral Cruise Club, with John Holmes as the first Commodore.

1964 – First Oyster-Shrimp-Frankfurter social was held in January at the Yacht Club Pavilion. Aage Shroeder was Commodore.

1965 —The Club was incorporated and monthly Board of Governor and membership meetings were established. Annual Christmas Party and change of watch ceremony began. Cape Coral Cruise Club membership was limited to 65.

1966 – Citizens band radio license MOP 4801 was obtained from the FCC.

1967 – First overnight cruise was taken to Indiantown. First bylaws were adopted.

1969 – First newsletter called “The Deckhand”, a quarterly written by the Woods. Club membership was limited to 50.

1973 – Tenth Anniversary celebration – a three-day cruise to Indian Hills.

1974 – Club leased Chino Island.

1975 – Docks for twenty boats were built at Chino Island.

1976 – First ladies party was held.

1977 – Pavilion at Chino Island was enlarged.

1978 – A life-sized Cee Cee was designed and created by Ruth Eder, Ruby Sharkey, and Maxine Bradford.

1980 – Rosemond Merritt, Jean Obenchain, and Betty Nelson chaired the first New Year’s Eve party held at Chino Island.

1982 – “Bent Prop” award was instituted.

1983 – Twentieth Anniversary year was celebrated at the Christmas party and Change of Watch at Cape Coral Country Club.

1985 – Use of Chino Island was revoked.

1987-Phil Andrews discovered Hidden Island.

1988 – Twenty-fifth Anniversary year was marked by the purchase of Hidden Island. The “Tom T” pontoon boat was purchased.

1989 – February 22nd – first “official” cruise to Hidden Island. The pavilion and shed were constructed using wood salvaged from the old house.

1990- Docks constructed at Hidden Island.

1993 – August 10 – a lighting strike and fire destroyed the pavilion at Hidden Island. December 4th was the first picnic after fire.

1997 – “Bradford Inn” toilet facility was ready for use on the Island.

1998 – Alva lot was purchased for parking and a dock was built for the Tom T.

2001 – May 30th- Electricity turned on in the building and docks at Hidden Island.

2002 – Parking on our lot in Alva was temporarily prohibited by Lee County. Legal issues were resolved in March 2003.

2002 – October 1- website developed and established on the internet by Perry Ahrens.

2003 – 40th Anniversary celebration.

2007 – February 3rd – Our new pontoon boat is christened “Capt. Phil”.

2007- November 9th – A new concrete floor was poured for the pavilion and building at Hidden Island.

2011 – March – The website was upgraded to a Content Management System – (cloud computing).

2012- April – Pavilion improvements made.

2014- December- The US Coast Guard designated  our pontoon boat, “Capt Phil”  as an uninspected passenger vessel based on inaccurate information, and required operation of the boat by a licensed OUPV Captain. The Club has appealed the Coast Guard ruling.

2016 – March: New club website published.